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3D Licensing

Why don’t you make your products renewed to the strategic ones?

Have your products been standing in a storm of price slashing? Isn’t it difficult for you to secure the profits out of your products developed with much effort?

Today, it is difficult time to differentiate your products from others. We propose that you should add the 3D technology to your products and make them more value-added products for your customers. When you get ahead of others in differentiation, you will be on the road of success.

Differentiation examples

  • Projector
  • Personal computer
  • Mobile phone
  • Medical equipment
  • Pachinko play equipment
  • STB
  • TV
  • Head-mounted display
  • Walking equipment
  • Bicycle
  • Boat
  • Driving game
  • Blue-Ray
  • Signage equipment
  • USB
  • DVD
  • Simulator
  • Hard disk
  • Game equipment
  • Camera
  • Printer

Programs Installed into Devices

3D Board, LSI, and Basic Programs for Licensing

Based on auto 2D to 3D conversion program

Contents of the Basic Programs

Images from TV, DVD, and video are cut into a single frame to create two images, left and right for stereoscopic image.
And then, the left and right images are combined and delivered based on the form at used of a device.

Program Process Outline

Program Process Outline

Division of Roles for Development

Division of Roles for Development

Features & 3D Logic Installation Position


One of the features of the 3D Board/ LSI is a real-time image transfer.

Another feature is that they can be installed without requiring major changes of your current system since your current system does the final process of the images converted by the 3D Board / LSI and deliver to a monitor.

Adding a 2D/3D switching function enables you to enjoy both 2D and 3D.




We firmly support your business. You can develop your business hand in hand with.

■ Core Patent

Auto 2D to 3D Covnersion & Its Program

  • Auto Object Recognition
  • Auto Z-value Calculation
  • Auto Missing Image Correction
  • Auto Creation of Left/Right Image Pairs
  • 2D/3D Image Conversion Tool

■ Review of the International Research Institute

They review that all aspects of the patents we obtained are innovative, advanced, and practical in business and industry.

They certify that the patents are unique and not found in any references of international research reports.

Patents Registered:
Japan, USA, China, Taiwan, Canada, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Australia, and Korea
Patents Pending:
EU, Norway, and Sweden

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