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If you can feel projected images on 3D at real time, as if they actually exist in front of you…
Then, what you really want to let people know will reach to the hearts of people with a strong impact.

3D will unfold its intrinsic attractiveness of the image itself. It is our wish that the new dimension of the image culture will get to people of the world.

Company Overview

NameMercury System Co. Ltd.
PresidentKazunari Era
Year Est.1989
Location392 Shukurenji, Kashiwa-city, Chiba-pref.
Capital500,000 USD (40,000,000 JPY)
Business3D System Licensing
3D Image Production
3D Naked Eye Monitoring System Development


  • 1982License agreement with AT&T (Bell Laboratories)was executed - Japan Third
  • 1989Mercury System Co., Ltd. was established and started developing software
    (The computer division of a high-end Japanese doll manufacturer was spined off)
  • 1994Started creating maps and management software of real estate taxation for municipalities.
  • 1997Obtained patents of creating, compressing, and fast transmitting 3D pictures
    Broadcasted 3D Mars surface images from Mars Pathfinder through NHK satellite system globally - World First
  • 2001Obtain patents of a real-time 3D picture transfer software
  • 2002Mercury 3D was established to focus on the 3D business
    3D conversion system was used for a mobile phone system - World First
  • 2003Mercury 3D USA was established
  • 20043D transfer STB was developed - World First
  • 2005Started 3D media production
  • 2008Obtained patents of a naked eye 3D monitoring system
  • 2010NTT DoCoMo started using 3D conversion system

Mercury Group Overview

Mercury Group Overview
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