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3D Monitoring System

No-glasses 3D Monitor Development

A Single Image is Displayed

Displaying separately offset images to left and right eyes is not necessary any more. Our System creates depth by displaying each object at a proper distance without using two offset images just like the way we recognize three-dimensional information.
Thus, this reduces 3D sickness.


Patents Registered:

 Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Macao, USA, China,Hong Kong,Korea, and Canada

Application Method:

 PCT (International Application)

Patents Pending:

 EU, Norway, and India


    Since no stereoscopic images required seasickness phenomenon eliminated or reduced.
    Realistic 3D imaging, Same as real life imagery,No size limits of projected.
  • Each object is never before achieved clarity and control
    Look into any mirror to understand how we produce a 3D effect using only a single surface. No size limits of projected.
  • No limits of viewing position
    Patented technology works as well on large projected as on small TV and computer monitors.
    Capable for the advertising media and outdoor display.
  • Capable on a big screen
    3 Phase Adaptive Technology produces stunning 3D image. Proprietary technology capable of accepting any 2D formatted content.3D effect is not distorted by people in motion. Benefits for theater operators.
  • Easy 3D-2D display change
    Processing is performed on pixel-by-pixel basis. Smooth switching from 3D to 2D. No conversion

3D monitor without glasses

Displayed on the new monitor is a single image and the stereo image is unnecessary. No annoying and expensive glasses required.

Look into any mirror to understand how the objective distance is judged by the viewing angle of both eyes.

Based on these, a differential distance of each object is recognized in the observer's own brain.

Each object is never before achieved clarity and control

At the current situation, In order to convert 3D content generally take a differential distance of an observer's eye to each object and judged by the size of the gap width of a right-and-left picture toward a transverse direction. A limit of a capable gap width in a conversion is about 6.5 cm (8 milimeter on a monitor) and it is caused to an actual conversion limit.

Our new monitor technology expressed no 3D stereoscopic filming or conversion required. Thanks to our proprietary technology we can express to show on a monitor as same as real life imagery.

No limits of viewing position

The viewing of a conventional 3D monitor without glasses is distorted by people in motion. A watching position is limited and the size limits of projected.

Since our 3D monitor is not required stereoscopic images and capable of accepting any 2D formatted 3D effect is not distorted by   people in motion. Can be viewed from any position.

Therefore, it is also enabled to use as the 3D outdoor ad tower in a town.

Fits Large Size Monitors

Our system can be used for a large monitors such as a movie theater screen since it consists of three devices for:
(a) Detecting Relative Distance of Objects;
(b) Creating Relative Distance of Objects; and
(c) Displaying Objects.

Easy to Switch from 3D to 2D

Since it processes at pixel-level, it is smooth and easy to switch from 3D to 2D:
(a) Turning off the distance detection or
(b) Applying the same distance for all the objects.


  • TV monitors
  • Computer monitors
  • Mobile phone and tablets
  • Outdoor displays
  • Automotive displays
  • Gaming displays

If you wish to develop the intellectual property business using our patent, please inform us of your plan

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