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’Reon’ has been enjoyed many success results in the video industry.

By the easy operation which could excel the operability and functionality, You can freely create a 3D-Image as your feelings.
Realizes ‘low costs, short working period and high quality’ that is desired earnestly by peoples concerned with 3D convert work.
Since the technology of ‘Reon’ is supported by the patents acquired in many countries, Enable to perform business development in peace.

’Reon’ has been enjoyed many success results in the video industry

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Easy Operation Video
2D-3D conversion tool software ‘Reon_US64’
2D-3D conversion tool software ‘Reon_US64’ came out of thought that everyone could easily and pleasantly make 3D images without requiring technical knowledge.
Made use of past experience and results, advocated “low cost,short delivery Date, a high quality” in a concept and have continued to improve ‘Reon’ in practice.
And besides since the technology of ‘Reon’ is supported by the patents acquired in many countries,enable to perform business development in peace.
Please try our technology to found new possibility of many people reaching the visitor of the corporation from personal visitor.

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