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Problems in promoting 3D

We have had a boom of 3D imaging every 10 years in the past. However, any boom has not lasted long, and, in the business-wise view, it is hard to say that 3D business have ever acquired its citizenship. One of main reasons for such status is that there have been very few contents of 3D products. The present supply of 3D products is such that some image processing vendors produce the 3D products corresponding to some specific needs, and nothing better. Therefore, available products seem to be next to nothing, and such a small stock of products is one of major factors that the 3D business of the image industry has made little progress in the past. For promoting 3D business, it is imperative to establish an effective supply system of 3D products.

Proposal for solution of the problems

In promoting the 3D business, we propose that the automatic transformation method should be adopted in transforming 2D images into 3D so as to solve the aforementioned small stock problem.

In our automatic transformation system of 2D/3D, we use the algorithm specially invented in our company. Our 3D imaging method automatically transforms many kinds of still and moving images on a real time basis. It is true that other kind of 3D imaging methods existed in the past, such as utilization of disparity located in the next frame. However, there was various disadvantages in this method: for example, still images could not be transformed by this method.

In our invented method, our product automatically and virtually calculates the depth of the component object taken from an image on each frame and creates the right and left images with disparity. In this way the system can smoothly process a still image of 30 frames per second on a real time basis; thus providing very natural 3D images. Our product supports many kinds of still and moving images, such as movies, animations, home videos, infrared images, images in the medical treatment, X-ray images, and so on, regardless of black/white or colored, and those images are automatically converted into dynamic 3D images.
Regardless of being conscious or not in our everyday life, no one can deny the fact that the images through our human eyes are with colors and 3D. Those actual images do not appear as “protruded” images from the screen, but “deepened” images toward the back of the screen in the other way around.

Our basic stand is that the 3D imaging is a supporting player who brings out the intrinsic attractiveness of the images. From that stand, our product is supposed to focus on the depth oriented 3D images. We believe that the depth oriented 3D imaging can produce and realize more natural 3D images.
(As a matter of course, those images can be changed to the “protruded” type by the adjustment of parameters. )

All the image properties of the existing movies and documentaries of the past can be transformed into 3D by our technology. That means, it is possible to 3D contents without limit, and. Therefore, we have no doubt that we can make a significant contribution to the promotion of 3D business.

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