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Actual Achievement

Major Achievement

  • 1998 with IBM-Our 3D Technology was Aopted in the Shopping Mall of the British Museum

    A 3D gallery was constructed using the pictures owned by the Museum. Our 3D technology was adopted in the shopping mall of the British Museum. We provided our technology to enable the transmission of great amount of the 3D moving high quality images through thin wiring of the internet connection in a short amount of time.

  • 1998 with NHK-In the NHK program “Search of Mars by NASA,” produced 3D Images were delivered.

    In the NHK program “Search of Mars by NASA,” a simultaneous reporting was made to the world on the internet. In a virtual 3D space created in the computer based on one picture of the Mars surface, sent from the Mars Pathfinder, the situation of someone walking in the space was transformed into 3D image, and the situation was transmitted to the world.

  • 2002 with SHARP-Licensing Agreement /3D automatic transformation program was Loaded on their mobile phone.

    Our automatic 3D transformation technology was loaded on their mobile phone/camera. This is world first. Since the instrument was with low power CPU, still images only were transformed into 3D. Images taken by the attached camera are automatically transformed to 3D.

  • 2003 with SHARP-Licensing Agreement /3D automatic transformation program was loaded on their mobile phone. This is the second agreement.

    Automatic 3D transformation of the million pixels still picture taken by a high performance CCD camera

  • 2004 with NEC -Licensing Adreemen/ Our 3D technology was adopted for their notebook computer(LaVie S).

  • 2005 with 3D WIN-Circuit development of head-mounted display 2D/3D transformation licensing

    STB production which enables 2D/3D transformation

  • 2008 CUTECH-Licensing of 2D/3D transformation system

  • 2008 with Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications-Research work

    Construction of human resource development system/ Production, stocking and delivery of contents with a high realistic sense

  • 2008 with SEIKO Epson-Production of image data for the development equipment/ Usage licensing of 2D/3D transformation technology

  • 2009 with Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications-3D image production and others

    Project Matter (PDF180KB)

  • 2009 with Nikon-Lease Agreement of 3D transformation system

  • 2009 with PANASONIC-Development of 3D transformation algorithm

    Licensing of RTL and FPGA compiling file for 3D television

  • 2009 with SHARP-Comprehensive licensing agreement/ Loading of 3D transformation technology on mobile phone

  • 2010 with SHARP-Licensing agreement/ Development of 2D/3D transformation function assessment circuit

    Comprehensive license

  • 2010 with Nikon-Production of image data for development equipment/ networking among three stations

  • 2010 with Casio-Hitachi-Licensing agreement/Loading of 3D automatic transformation program on mobile phone

  • 2010 with Toei-Production of 2D/3Dtransformation image

  • 2010 with CUTECH-Production of 2D/3D transformation images

  • 2011 with 3DMM-Production of glass-free monitor

  • 2012 with Koshu Municiparity, Korea-Supporting agreement on 2D/3D transformation technology

  • 2012 with SANSAN, Korea-Licensing of 2D/3D transformation technology and Licensing of productiontools

  • 2012 with Kadokawa Games-Production of 2D/3D transformation images

  • 2012 with OLM-Production of 2D/3D transformation images

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